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3 Reasons why office yoga is good for your body

The culture of office yoga is increasing in the US.Many offices have the practice of doing yoga while at work. Yoga is an easy way to get your blood and other bodily fluids moving again. The movements of yoga connect your mind and body and help you to think clearly. Here are some reasons why office yoga works.

Sitting all the time is bad for health

You don’t feel good sitting for long hours in the office. If you sit for more than six hours at your, you may have psychological stress. Work0related disorders take place due to stress. The big tech companies have offices where you will find healthy snacks, open plan workspaces and couches so that workers can work on laptops. Refreshing movements like yoga can relieve your stress and improve your concentration at work.

Moving is good for health

When you are sitting, the blood flow and fluid circulation in the joints, brain and spine slows down. The fluids have a lot of functions in the body. They help move oxygen and nutrients around the body, get rid of wastes, and circulate hormones. The brain function also slows down when you sit in the office for a long time.

Sitting becomes healthier

The physical yoga poses were designed to help the monks sit and meditate for many hours. You should take short breaks during the day and practice movement. This clears up your mind and doesn’t cause damage for sitting.

Many offices in the US have this practice of yoga during work hours so that the employees can be healthy and focus more on their work. It is a wonderful way to promote good health of the employees.

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4 ways Donald Trump wants to change the healthcare system of US

There was a major change in the health care system under the presidency of Barack Obama. There was the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. It reduced the uninsured rate to a minimum level. It improved the ability for insurers to choose who they want to cover. There was a transparent online marketplace where people could compare the health plans to make a better decision. President Donald Trump, however, doesn’t approve of Obamacare and want to change the healthcare system in the following ways.

Cancel Obamacare

Donald Trump will eliminate the federal aid to expanded Medicaid programs in about 31 states. He will stop the minimum benefit requirements for ACA plans and remove the requirement to buy health insurance by the consumers to avoid penalty during tax time.

Allow purchase of health insurance across state lines

People will be allowed to buy health insurance plans across state lines. This will lower health insurance premium inflation. So, people living in the rural areas can find health insurance anywhere in the country. It will reduce their per-month premium costs.

Emphasis using the Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts (HAS) are tax –deferred plans that are open to individuals involved in a high-deductible health plan. You can contribute to a HAS as long as your high deductible meets the limits of IRS and that you are enrolled in Medicare. By having HAS, you can withdraw money at any age for the medical expenses on a tax-free basis.

Allow overseas drug providers to enter the market

He will remove the barriers to entry for the overseas drug providers. So, people of America can buy pharmaceuticals products from the overseas markets that will be cheaper than in the US.

People have varying opinions regarding these healthcare plans. Some are optimistic about it, whereas others see it as alarming. We have to see how the healthcare system changes in America under the presidency of Donald Trump.

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Top 5 gadgets unveiled at the CES 2017

The annual CES gadget expo was held in Las Vegas recently. In this event, companies in the tech, home appliance and automotive industries showcase their latest innovations. Here are the top gadgets are seen at the event this year.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

It is a new speaker from Lenovo. It is a cheaper alternative to the Amazon Echo. It is more colourful as well. There are eight microphones that can pick up speech from 16 feet away. It includes Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant as well. It is an ideal device for tasks like managing calendars, answering questions, playing music, etc.

Razer Project Valerie

We do multiple tasks on a laptop; we do work, play video games, watch movies, etc. So, one screen is sometimes not enough. This laptop has three screens. There are two foldable displays that can expand out from the primary screen that is located in the centre. Each display supports the 4K resolution and is 17 inches diagonally.

Toyota Concept-i

This car can drive autonomously using artificial intelligence. The car can learn more about the preferences of the driver over time. The car has a virtual assistant called ‘Yui’ who can suggest destinations to the driver.

Intel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer

Intel’s Compute Card is of the size of a credit card. It is a mini computer that is designed to be inserted into smart devices. It can easily upgrade gadgets like interactive retail kiosks, smart refrigerators, etc. It has all the features of a normal computer, including memory, a processor, storage and wireless tech.

PowerRay Aquatic Drone

This device will be very helpful for the fishermen. It is a waterproof vehicle that uses a sonar system to find fish and send it images to the user. It can work in both fresh and salt water. It has a 4K camera that shoots 12-megapixel pictures.

All these gadgets are very innovative and will be very useful. The pace at which technology is advancing is very surprising. We hope to have more innovative gadgets in future.

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