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3 Reasons why office yoga is good for your body

The culture of office yoga is increasing in the US.Many offices have the practice of doing yoga while at work. Yoga is an easy way to get your blood and other bodily fluids moving again. The movements of yoga connect your mind and body and help you to think clearly. Here are some reasons why office yoga works.

Sitting all the time is bad for health

You don’t feel good sitting for long hours in the office. If you sit for more than six hours at your, you may have psychological stress. Work0related disorders take place due to stress. The big tech companies have offices where you will find healthy snacks, open plan workspaces and couches so that workers can work on laptops. Refreshing movements like yoga can relieve your stress and improve your concentration at work.

Moving is good for health

When you are sitting, the blood flow and fluid circulation in the joints, brain and spine slows down. The fluids have a lot of functions in the body. They help move oxygen and nutrients around the body, get rid of wastes, and circulate hormones. The brain function also slows down when you sit in the office for a long time.

Sitting becomes healthier

The physical yoga poses were designed to help the monks sit and meditate for many hours. You should take short breaks during the day and practice movement. This clears up your mind and doesn’t cause damage for sitting.

Many offices in the US have this practice of yoga during work hours so that the employees can be healthy and focus more on their work. It is a wonderful way to promote good health of the employees.

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